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9 Torn Rotator Cuff Symptoms You Need to Be Aware Of

October 20th, 2020

9 Torn Rotator Cuff Symptoms You Need to Be Aware Of


9 Torn Rotator Cuff Symptoms You Need to Be Aware Of

If you have been experiencing pain in the upper extremities, you could have a torn rotator cuff. Click here to learn about the torn rotator cuff symptoms.

A torn rotator cuff isn’t something that we hear about too often. We’ve heard of pulled muscles or pinched nerves, and we’re even familiar with popping a shoulder out of place. How familiar are you with torn rotator cuff symptoms, however? 

If you’re not aware of these symptoms, then you could be living with a torn rotator cuff without even realizing it. A torn rotator cuff is painful, but there are times when it can be torn without causing pain for a period of time. 

The most important reason to know and understand what symptoms to look out for is to know when it’s time to seek the treatment you need to correct the problem. For some, torn rotator cuffs can start to affect daily routines and get in the way of living certain lifestyles. 

If you believe you might have a torn rotator cuff, then continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about the symptoms!

1. Trouble Raising Your Arm

Does it cause you pain to raise or lift your arm? Some people might experience this type of pain without even recognizing it. Think about the times when you reached above your head to pick something up off a high shelf or reach something above you.

Does this activity normally cause pain in one of your shoulders? Don’t continue to write this pain off any longer. If you have trouble raising one of your arms, it could be due to a torn rotator cuff in your shoulder. 

2. Pain When Sleeping on One Side

With a torn rotator cuff, you may experience pain throughout the day, but others don’t. Each individual case is different and depends on the person. If you do have a torn rotator cuff, however, there’s a good chance that it’ll cause pain when you sleep on or lie down on that shoulder.

How often do you toss and turn at night due to pain in one of your shoulders? Do you find yourself having to sleep on a certain side each night because it’s too uncomfortable or painful to sleep on the other? 

These might all be signs of a torn cuff. 

3. Weakness in Your Shoulder

When your rotator cuff is torn, you might experience weakness in your shoulder and arm as well. There might be times when you go to use your arm and notice that it feels weak. This weakness could be felt within the shoulder or the entire arm, so be on the lookout for both or either. 

If you notice either of these symptoms, then consider seeing a specialist as soon as possible to prevent it from getting any worse. 

4. Clicking Noises When Moving Your Arm

As we get older, we sometimes begin to have trouble with our joints. It might not be unusual to hear a popping or clicking noise here and there as we get through our day. What’s not normal, however, is to hear a clicking or popping noise in our shoulder every time (or almost every time) we move it. 

5. Inability to Lift Things

Sure, as we age certain things might become more difficult than what they used to be, but you should still have the ability to lift things when needed. Pay close attention to how your shoulder and arm feel when you try to lift something. 

If you notice a sharp or even dull pain when attempting to lift something up, then it could be a torn cuff. 

6. Locking of the Shoulder 

Your shoulder was made to be able to rotate around as needed and provide you with full range of motion. Locking of the shoulder is not normal and shouldn’t be something you struggle with each day. 

Locking of the shoulder on a consistent basis can have a big effect on how you live your life. If your shoulder continues to lock up on you on a daily basis, then you’ll want to see a specialist for confirmation on what the root of the problem is. 

7. Pain in Shoulder When Not in Use

A torn rotator cuff can cause pain in your shoulder even when it’s not in use. This is one of the most frustrating symptoms of a torn cuff because there’s nothing you can do to ease the pain. 

If you’re only experiencing pain associated with your shoulder when you’re using your arm or lying on it, then there are ways around it. When there’s a pain in your shoulder for what seems like no reason, then this can be aggravating. 

Sometimes, pain can be due to the injury itself and inflammation as well. 

8. Trouble Reaching Behind You

As mentioned before, your shoulder was made to give you a full range of motion. You should be able to reach above you, below you, in front of you, and behind you. If your shoulder is preventing you from reaching behind you, then this could be due to a torn rotator cuff. 

9. Avoiding Certain Activities Due to Pain

Although you might not recognize this symptom because it’s become a way of life for you, it’s one of the most important symptoms to be on the lookout for. If you live your life by avoiding certain activities due to pain in your shoulder, then it’s time to have a specialist take a look at it. 

A torn rotator cuff for some people can be quite painful, which ultimately prevents them from participating in favorite sports, activities, and so on. 

Are You Experiencing These Torn Rotator Cuff Symptoms?

If you’re experiencing any of these torn rotator cuff symptoms, then you need to see a specialist who can work with you on a treatment plan. There are ways to improve your pain and begin living life without being held back by your shoulder pain.

Click here today to schedule an appointment now and get the help that your shoulder needs.

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