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Individualized bracing & splinting in Plainview, Queens, Bronx & Valley Stream.

It’s amazing how a properly made custom-fitted brace or splint can benefit your comfort and rehabilitation after you’ve been injured. These devices are specially designed to support or correct the function of a hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder. We also make splints to protect tendon and ligament repairs and to increase range of motion through the use of dynamic splinting. We can provide you with a customized:

• Arm brace • Arm splint • Wrist brace • Wrist splint
• Other wrist support, including carpal tunnel wrist brace
• Hand brace • Hand splint • Finger splint

When appropriately fitted and used, braces or splints can decrease your pain and enhance your movement. They can also increase the stability in an unstable joint and even help improve your overall quality of life by allowing you to perform necessary daily activities.

The purpose of a brace or splint is to relieve pain and protect an injury while you return to your desired function. For those who are active in sports, orthotics help them tolerate their activity, by improving biomechanical performance and providing added strength.

Braces and splints are particularly effective at relieving the pain, fatigue and discomfort experienced by older adults, who may have developed arthritis in their hands and upper extremities.

Sports activities require a great deal of movement and pressure on joints. Slight imbalances that are not harmful or even detectable under everyday circumstances may make you more vulnerable to injury with the added stress of sports activity. By eliminating the need to compensate for small imbalances caused by pain, injury or repetitive-motion syndrome, custom braces can reduce fatigue and promote efficient muscle function to enhance performance. Our occupational therapists also take into account such variables as your age, activities, sports, ability and the final overall performance of the affected body part – shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand.

We prepare you with sequential and progressive training that closely simulates your preferred sport or activity. We also provide constant feedback regarding the stability of your splint to push you closer to your maximum performance, and we make any adjustments to your splint to maximize your comfort and compliance.

If you should need a carpal tunnel brace or any other brace or splint, be sure to ask about our custom splinting and bracing today. For more information about our expert, focused upper extremity care, call Nick Roselli Occupational Therapy today.

To schedule an appointment for hand therapy/occupational therapy, call (718) 454-0842 (Queens & Valley Stream), (718) 822-4054 (Bronx) or (516) 386-6946 (Plainview) today, or you can use our online form to Request an Appointment. We also welcome patients from Fresh Meadows, New Rochelle and Plainview.

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